When you or a family member has been injured while at work, you have very important rights that need to be protected and handled by an experienced attorney. You deserve the best medical treatment, but your employer gets to choose the medical provider who is paid by the insurance company. You are also entitled to receive your wages while you are off work, as well as a financial payment for any permanent injuries you have suffered. Many times the employer or it’s insurance company tries to short change the injured employee by not providing the necessary medical treatment, or not paying the employee for the lost wages, or paying less than it should for the permanent injuries. For example, I represented an injured 35 year-old employee and The Hartford Insurance Company was trying to avoid paying his lost wages and his medical treatment; he now is
receiving payments every two weeks for his total disability, for the rest of his life.

I have handled hundreds of workers compensation claims for the past thirty years; I have a success rate of over 99%. Based upon my 30+ years of experience, I firmly believe every one of my clients received substantially more money using me than they would have received without using an attorney, even after they paid my fees.

Don’t wait: “Better Call Paul!”